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THE ISSUE WITH FEMINISM. By: Ugbedeojo Jane Edime.

Feminism is a range of social movement, political movement and ideologies that share a common goal: to define,establish and achieve the political, economic, personal and social equality of the sex.
Feminist feel that women are being marginalized and so they must fight for their right. They are of the opinion that women should not be seen as the weaker sex.
Feminist movement have always campaigned for the protection of women's rights, including franchise rights , right to own property, right to employment and so on.
Feminists believe that all sexes are equal and so should be treated equally. Feminists have also worked to ensure access to legal abortions, they protect women and girls from sexual harassment, domestic violence and rape.
Charles Fourier, a utopian socialist and French philosopher was said to be the first to coin the word "féminisme"(feminism) and "femiste"( feminist).
The history of modern western feminism is divided into four " waves " . Which are : The women suffrage movements of 19th and early 20th century, the second began in the 1960swhich was the campaign for legal and social equality for women,the third was around 1992. It's aim was individuality and diversity. The fourth was from around 2012 , it used social media to combat assault , domestic violence and rape.
Some notable feminists are: Charlotte Perkins Gilman who wrote about feminism for the Atlanta constitution, Emmeline Pankhurst who travelled giving speeches throughout Britain and the U.S, Wilhelmina Drucker who fought successfully for the vote and equal rights of women through organizations she founded , Simone Veil who legalised abortions and made access to contraceptives easy, Louise Weiss who fought for the enfranchisement of women and we have Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie the author of 'ijiawele" the feminist manifesto.
Some feminist encourage lesbianism by telling women they can do without men, some of them have accepted bisexuals and lesbians.
To some feminists, condemning pornography is infringing on women's sexual right , they see pornography as a form of expression. Some make women so strong that they act as men, some also encourage women to disrespect their husbands.
These are the aspect of feminism that I do not accept and I feel are morally unacceptable. Why should they encourage lesbianism? Every woman needs a man that is why you cannot spell ' WOMAN 'without 'MAN' and in every 'MADAM ' there is always an 'ADAM'.
Pornography should not be seen as a means of expression. Who is interested in seeing your private parts? If you want to express yourself do that in your room with your partner.
You are a woman so no matter how hard you try you can never be a man . Women must respect their husbands because they are the heads of our families.

By Ugbedeojo Jane Edime.

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