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The Encounter: A short Story (18+)

It was a BDSM porn movie and that was the first time I was seeing girls being tied up and whipped, their nipples, pegged, their mouths, gagged with a ball in it and their bodies tortured with several sexual tools. My eyes were glued to the screen and I watched as spittle dribbled down the chin of a Black American girl who was tied to the bed. She was in pain but yet she seemed to be enjoying everything her dominating partner was doing to her. I was so engrossed in it that I didn't realise that Andre had left his seat and had joined me on mine with his hand stretched behind my head on the back rest.

"Do you like it?" His voice startled me and I gasped when I realized how awfully close he was to me.

I smiled shyly and nervously wet my lips. "I really don't know." I managed to say as I glanced at his screen.

"Do you like being dominated?" He asked.

I hesitated then slowly shook my head. "This is terrible. I don't think this girl likes it, she's only putting on an act to convince the viewers."

"Well, I like it..." He said as he fixed his eyes on the screen and I tensed up when I suddenly felt him drawing faint circles on my other shoulder. The feeling was tingling and I swallowed hard.

I tried to focus on the movie because the girl was beginning to moan, now that her partner was digging her. "So you are married, uh?" He asked again.

I lowered my head and pursed my lips. "How did you know?"

"The sign on your finger." He said and I noticed the light skin on my finger which had been caused by my rings which I had taken off before I had come to his apartment.
Soon, the sexual tension in the air grew as the lady's loud moans from the TV began to get to me as her partner increased his pace and that was when Andre put his tongue in my ear. I stiffened up as he continued to run his tongue around in my ear then he later withdrew his tongue to lick suck on my earlobe and with that act alone, I threw caution to the wind, turned my head and kissed him.
But I was shocked when he suddenly slipped his hand up my chest then seized my throat, roughly breaking the kiss. "I'm in charge here." He whispered to me. "You do what I want and you'll be just fine."
I was surprised at why he was grabbing my throat until he choked me a bit and I let out a cough. When he saw the fear in my eyes, he assured me, "Don't worry, I won't hurt you. When you can take it anymore or you want me to pause, the safe word is Red."
I gave him a befuddled look but he simply told me not to worry that I would get to understand with time. Suddenly, he let go off my neck and slid his hand down to my stomach then got on his knees in front of me. As he began to unbutton my bum short, several words rang in my head, telling me that it was not too late to stop all these before it got too far but my body refused to listen to my head and I was helpless against Steve as he took off my bum short then took my panties between his teeth and began to slowly pull it down my legs.
When he tossed my panties away and I was bare to his eyes, he caressed my legs then placed soft kisses in my inner thighs then he pulled me closer to the edge of the sofa so that I was half leaning my back against the back rest. I swallowed hard in anticipation and suddenly released a moan when he gently slipped two fingers into me. My toe nails curled as he thrusted them in and out of me in a shallow way.
Soon, he pulled out his fingers and sucked on them and I could only stare at him in amazement. I had been disgusted when I had seen Sani going down on Patricia and yet I couldn't even stop Steve from doing almost the same thing to me. Soon, he lowered his head and his lips captured my clitoris and I shuddered and closed my eyes, too shy to watch him do it.
He noticed and gently tapped my left cheek as he spoke against my clit. "Open your eyes, Winifred, I want you to store every image in your mind, you are never to forget this, not even when you are with your husband."

As I was about to speak, his mouth sucked my vulva in and I gasped. He gave me good head that I didn't bother judging Patricia anymore because I now understood what she felt. When Steve was done eating me out, even to the extent of thrusting his fingers into me as he sucked me, I was desperate for the main deal. I had completely forgotten about the porn movie and all I was interested in was Andre.
I watched him take off his shirt over his head and then followed by his pants and briefs till he was stark naked before me. He was already hard and that was the first time I was seeing another man's sugar stick besides my husband. Kneeling before me again, he adjusted and aimed and I slowly felt him push into me till he sank half way. While he did all this, his eyes were on my face and he was watching every expression I made.
"Beg me to go all the way in." He said and when I frowned in confusion, he suddenly grabbed my throat again and squeezed. "Say it!" He ordered.

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