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4 key reasons why relationships do not last long.

You will agree with me that relationships are not easy to build and maintain smoothly. For those who are lucky, their relationship leads them to the next level in their life and for the unlucky ones, their relationship doesn’t just last longer. Humans have the capacity and all it takes to build and maintain a long-lasting relationship no matter the odds, but sometimes, we ignore our capacity and allow situations around us overwhelm our relationship. When situations or problems come, we shift the blame to the other partner and then we allow our ego to over-power us, thereby not allowing understanding to take its full place in the relationship. Honestly, there are many reasons why most relationships do not last long and if we begin to list them out, it will be enough to fill a 60 leaves note-book. Today, I have here the key reasons why most relationships do not last long. I am not just listing them here for listing purpose but for you to take note of them and see to it that these reasons do not show up in your relationship. Here are the reasons why most relationships do not last long.

1. Self Centered Mindset:  Most people get into a relationship with the mindset of ‘Myself’ alone. They are more focused on what they can possibly get from the other partner; they ponder their thoughts on how well the other partner is going to treat them; they just think of ‘myself’ alone. Believe me; this mentality is not good if you really want to have a lo
ng-lasting relationship. It’s so unfortunate that most people do not get into a relationship with the mindset of what they can possibly do for the other partner.
When you begin to ask questions like, “What will he/she do for me?” “What can I get from him/her?”- I am not saying it is a bad idea asking yourself all those questions, but making it the top priority becomes not too good in most cases, you may expect this or that from the other partner and when they are not living up to that your expectation, you may find it hard to adapt to it and this may cause some ship-wreck in your relationship, thereby making it not to last long.

2. Poor Communication: Communication is one key factor that holds every relationship together. When communication is dead, just know that the relationship is as good as dead too. Communication can go a long way in making or breaking a relationship. Most relationships do not last long because both partners are unable to communicate their feelings, issues or problems and when this occurs, there is a kind of relationship-depression that begins to take place in that relationship.  Sometimes, one partner may not be able to communicate freely, but the other partner should observe the mood of the other partner and know when they are dying in silence and give them a listening ear. Communication is not just about speaking and speaking, it’s also about listening to the other partner as they speak. When partners are able to communicate freely, it creates an atmosphere of understanding in that relationship and when there is understanding, the relationship is bound to last long. 

3. Past relationship(s): Some persons go into a new relationship with so many past lovers hanging around their waist as they move on to the new relationship. Funny right! But this is not good for a relationship. If you must move on to a new relationship, then you will have to cut every past dealing with your ex’s. Do not carry them over to the new relationship as they can cause big problems along the line. This is one big reason why most relationships do not last long. Cutting off every past relationship indicates that you are ready to attend to the new relationship. So be wise not to let past lovers come into your relationship if you really want your relationship to last long. 

 4. Not Re-learningEverything in our world today changes. The vehicles used 100 years ago is not what we are using now; the clothes won 60 years back is not what we put on now; definitely, things are changing and that is not left for humans. Humans are bound to change from time to time. The way you knew your partner 10 years back may not be the way you know him/her now. Most relationships do not last long because both partners have not been able to re-learn their partner as they change. You don’t expect your partner to be the same way every day of his life. You need to learn them over and over again. And in learning your partner, try to understand them. 

 Let me tell you this; if you do not re-learn your partner from time to time, your partner will feel that there is someone out there whom you are giving your attention to and this won’t go well in the relationship. Like I said before, there are so many reasons why relationships do not last long, but I have been able to highlight the 4 key reasons why relationships do not last long.

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