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Word Prediction in QuickType - You Need to Know This

 iPhone and iPad

You can type faster with Word Prediction in QuickType on the iPhone and iPad. Does the predictive QuickType work in Other languages? What alternatives are there? In this tip you can read all about the word prediction in the QuickType keyboard.
QuickType is the virtual keyboard on the iPhone and iPad . One of the most useful functions of the QuickType keyboard is the word prediction. With this your iPhone or iPad predicts which word you type, based on the conversation and the words you have already typed. In this tip you can read how this works, what options there are and which alternatives you can use.
Supported languages
Smart answers

What is the word prediction in QuickType exactly?

Normally you type your words yourself when you send someone a message or write a whole text. The word-predicting function of the QuickType keyboard helps you to type. Word suggestions appear above the keyboard based on the words and letters you've typed. This function also looks at the context of your message. Thanks to this predictive input method, all you have to do is tap the words to create the sentences. You do not need to type yourself. This word prediction saves time and prevents spelling errors when typing texts and messages.

Word prediction in other Languages at QuickType.

The predictive function is available on the iPhone and iPad and on the MacBook with Touch Bar, if the language set supports this.

Which languages ​​does QuickType word prediction support?

Starting with iOS 13 , the word prediction in QuickType supports Other Languages. That means that you also receive A lot of word suggestions. You can also use the function simultaneously with another language, for example English. You only need to add a second keyboard language for this. These are the languages ​​that the function supports:

Chinese (traditional)
Chinese (simplified)
German (Germany)
German (Austria)
German (Switzerland)
English (Australia)
Engels (Canada)
English (India)
Engels (Singapore)
English (United Kingdom)
English (United States)
French (Belgium)
Frans (Canada)
French (France)
French (Switzerland)
Portuguese (Brazil)
Portuguese (Portugal)
Spanish (Latin America)
Spanish (Mexico)

Can I still use the word prediction in Other Languages?

To use the function in all Languages, all you have to do is update your device to iOS 13 or iPadOS 13. If you don't see the option after updating, you may need to enable it manually. You do this as follows:

Go to the Settings app.
Tap General> Keyboard .
Under the heading All keyboards you switch on the switch at Suggestions .
This way you can also disable the function if you find it annoying.

Disable word prediction suggestions in QuickType.

The suggestions appear automatically as you type. The keyboard shows a maximum of three words, depending on what you type. If you do not immediately get the correct suggestion, type a few extra letters. The keyboard also learns how to use it. If you often use specific words or expressions, these will eventually also appear in the suggestions.

Emoji with word prediction in QuickType

In addition to typing words, the word prediction also helps you look up emoji. Namely, when you type a word, one or more emoji appear on the right side of the bar above the keyboard that matches the last typed word. You can therefore use this function to find an emoji faster. With smileys it is best to type the emotion of the picture, for example "happy" or "crazy".
Word prediction suggestions for emoji in QuickType.

Use smart answers

The smart answers are a useful part of the word prediction. If someone asks you a question in a message, possible answers appear in the bar of the word suggestions.
Suppose your partner asks you the question “Do you want to eat meat or fish tonight?”, The answer suggestions appear automatically in the bar. Meat , Fish or I know a lot .

Smart answers on the iPhone and Apple Watch

This feature is also available on the Apple Watch . The disadvantage is that this only works with iMessage and not with other messaging apps such as WhatsApp . You switch this on via the Watch app on your iPhone. Then go to My Watch> Messages> Standard replies and turn on the Smart replies switch . This function also ensures that standard answers that match the question (such as Yes or No ) are placed at the top.

Set smart answers for Apple Watch

Autocorrect as a replacement

Would you like to type faster with the iPhone keyboard , but do you find the suggestions annoying? Then you can turn on the best auto-correction.

This often also completes words, without having to tap them in the suggestion bar. However, auto- correction works differently, because you always have to type something yourself first, after which your iPhone or iPad automatically finishes this. In addition, autocorrect does not look at the context of your message, but only at the correct spelling. You can use autocorrect more intelligently in several ways and in our tip you can read how you do that.


Use auto correction on iPhone and iPad smarter
Use auto correction on iPhone and iPad smarter
Autocorrect corrects typos, but can also get in the way. This tip explains how to use the suggestions from autocorrect smarter.

Alternative: Gboard keyboard
It is also possible to install alternative keyboards on the iPhone . Some alternative keyboards offer a similar word prediction function, which often also work in other language. A good example of this is Google's Gboard keyboard . The predictive function works almost the same as the standard QuickType keyboard,

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