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Trump's Lawyer Says President Couldn't be Prosecuted for Shooting Someone on Fifth Avenue

An attorney f
or President Trump told a federal appeals court Wednesday that President Trump could not be prosecuted even if he shot someone on Fifth Avenue in New York amid a legal fight that seems destined for the Supreme Court.

President Trump's personal attorney William Consovoy made the remark during oral arguments in a case involving a Manhattan District Attorney subpoena seeking Trump's tax returns and financial records from his accounting firm. The president's attorneys have argued he has blanke

Attorneys and the three-judge panel for the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, all of whom were appointed by Democratic presidents, frequently referred to Trump’s assertion from his 2016 presidential campaign that he could “stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot someone” without losing supporters.

Judge Denny Chin asked Consovoy: “What’s your view on the ‘Fifth Avenue’ example?” “Local authorities couldn’t investigate, couldn’t do anything about it?” “Nothing could be done, that’s your position?” he added.

Consovoy responded: “That is correct”.

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