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[Study Shows] Anyone Who Drinks Tea Does Something Good for Their Brains

He should make lean, boost the metabolism and now also promote the brain. Tea is said a lot. A study has examined the effect on the brain in more detail. 
The Cambridge and Wuyi universities have established a link between tea consumption and brain structure. Some teas have a particularly positive effect on our brain.

Effect of tea on brain structure

So far, tea studies have been based mainly on neuropsychological investigations. For the first time now, the effect of tea on brain structure has been studied.
The two universities examined a total of 36 subjects, who were divided into two groups. The first group consisted of 15 tea drinkers, who were on average 70 years old, the second group of about the same age non-drinkers. Overall, more women than men participated in the study.

Green tea and black tea tested

Finally, scientists investigated the effects of green tea, along tea and black tea on the functional and structural neural networks in the subject's brain. The result: Tea drinkers have a higher brain output than non-tea drinkers.

Tea has a preventative effect on heart disease and cancer

The research team also points to other health benefits. For example, tea can help relieve heart disease and stress and  protect against  cancer . The positive effects are attributed to components such as catechins, caffeine and L-theanine.


Protects tea from Alzheimer's and dementia?

A review of the effects of tea on the prevention of  Alzheimer's disease  also found that herbal tea was neuroprotective in eight out of nine studies. This means that tea drinkers could reduce their risk of developing Alzheimer's

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