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Microsoft Surface Laptop: Luxury Laptop with a Defective Windows

Microsoft Surface Laptop

Microsoft is no longer only known for Windows, but also for Surface computersAfter the Surface Pro and the Surface Book, there is now also the Surface LaptopIt is the first fully-fledged laptop of the brand, with a special operating system.

Microsoft offers an interesting laptop with the Surface Laptop. The performance is good, the battery life is great and the finish is of a high level. We do wonder how durable the Alcantara upholstery is.

We like the screen. It is a touch screen and can be described with an optional pen. Those additions are less useful. The screen cannot be taken off and that is not handy when you want to use the pen. In addition, Windows does not offer much touch functionality. The Surface Laptop is on the expensive side for the intended target group of students.

The limited number of connections is a disadvantage of this laptop: 1 USB connection and a screen that you can connect and that's it. A card reader, network connection and the like are missing. In addition, the possibilities of Windows 10S are too limited. Fortunately, you can upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for free for now. We encourage everyone to do that. Then you have a full-fledged Windows laptop.

First laptop

Microsoft has been bringing computers to the market for some time, but so far these have always been 2-in-1 laptop-tablet combinations, with a separate keyboard and tablet section. The Surface laptop is the first computer of the brand without a removable keyboard and is therefore the first real laptop of the brand. With this device, Microsoft is competing with the MacBook Air.


The appearance of the Surface laptop is slightly different than what we are used to from other brands. The lines are a bit more straight and the laptop has a luxurious magnesium case. This makes it feel good in the hand and looks pretty solid.

Alcantara upholstery

One of the most striking features of the Surface laptop is that it is provided with upholstery. Just like a luxury sofa or some cars, it has an alcantara finish around the keys. This upholstery feels nice, although we wonder if this material stays nice and tidy. Breadcrumbs and coffee stains are less easy to remove than on a laptop with a plastic or metal housing. According to Microsoft, the upholstery is spill, stain and absorption resistant and easy to wipe clean. Because the Surface Laptop is just new, we have not been able to test this yet.


The Surface Laptop is not heavy. It weighs 1.25 kilos and therefore fits into the small and compact laptops category. However, the Surface Laptop has a larger screen than other models in this category. The screen measures 13.5 inches (just under 35 cm). A larger screen is nice if you work with it for a long time. That makes this laptop interesting for those who travel a lot and work at different locations.

Nice screen

The screen of the Surface Laptop is impressive. It offers 2256x1504 pixels and that provides a detailed image. Unfortunately, the screen has a glossy finish. This can be annoying with direct (fluorescent) lighting because of the reflections. Just like tablets and 2-in-1 devices, the laptop has a touch screen. We find the added value of this not so great. At most, it is useful to quickly browse through a photo collection or close a window.


With an optional pen you can also write and draw on the screen. This is also of little use to you. This is mainly because the screen is attached to the laptop. Drawing and writing is easy on a separate screen, such as with the Surface Pro and Surface Book.


The Surface Laptop keyboard is one of the plus points. It offers a fairly deep touch and that ensures sufficient comfort. The touchpad is located under the keyboard. The glass finish ensures that mouse cursor movements always go precisely and smoothly.

Few connections

The Surface Laptop has few connections. Only one standard USB connection has been made. In addition, there is a monitor connection in the form of a Mini DisplayPort. The cable that comes with this is not included as standard with most screens. So you actually always need an adapter cable. It is handy that the power adapter has a USB connection. You can use this to charge a mobile phone or other device.

Windows 10S

The Surface Laptop is not only special because it is the first laptop from Microsoft. It is also the first computer with a new version of Windows: Windows 10S. That is similar to Windows 10 as we know it from the Home and Pro variants, but is not the same. The difference is that it is not possible to install regular programs.

Apps only

You can only install apps from the Windows Store. Unlike Google Chrome OS, Android and Apple iOS, the Microsoft store is not well filled. This limits the user options for the Surface Laptop with Windows 10S. You can, however, install Microsoft Office. Due to the introduction of Windows 10S, this can now also be found in the Windows Store.

Limited possibilities

Not only ordinary programs, but also the accompanying software with peripherals, such as speakers or printers, cannot be installed. Except if this software is available in the Windows Store. That is usually not the case. Windows 10S is therefore very limited. Microsoft focuses this operating system primarily on education, but here too the user options are disappointing due to the limited choice in the Windows Store.

Fewer problems

There is an advantage to the limitedness of the system. According to Microsoft, dangerous programs are less likely to get a grip on the computer. Delaying programs should therefore also cause fewer problems.

Upgrade as long as you can

Fortunately, it is possible to upgrade Windows 10S to a full-featured version of Windows 10. Up to the end of this year, upgrading to Windows 10 Pro is even free for buyers of the Surface Laptop. After that this will cost 49 dollars. We would advise everyone to take this step, because in our opinion, the possibilities for using the Surface Laptop with the S version of Windows are too limited.
A plus of Microsoft computers is that no unnecessary software is included, unlike other manufacturers.


The Surface Laptop is available in two variants. Both have an Intel Core i5 processor on board. The difference between the two variants is the storage capacity and the working memory. The basic version costs € 1050 and offers 4 GB of memory and a SSD of 128 GB. That is not very much either. The other variant is a lot more expensive at € 1,450, but offers 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD. That is sufficient for most users. All in all, the prices are very strong for a laptop with such specifications.


The performance of the Surface Laptop is good and the battery working time is also OK. We measure a working time of 14 hours when using Office-like applications. That's great for the purpose for which this laptop was designed. With heavy use, the working time on the battery drops to around 3.5 hours, which is also quite a good score.

Not repairable

The Surface Laptop is unfortunately not removable. Will the laptop ever break or if you want to expand it? Then you can't easily take it apart. The device can only be opened with gross force, after which it can no longer be assembled properly. In addition, almost all hardware is soldered, so that you cannot replace anything yourself. That makes the Surface Laptop only interesting if you are very sure that your requirements will not change in the coming years.

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