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Men of God: The case of Capitalism.

On private jet case... Truth that needs to be told.
don't know why we always misunderstand things in this life,  we don't support our religious Leaders to be poor but we don't also support them to be extravagant and wasteful..
Apart from the fact he bought a private,  do you know what it takes to manage and run a jet,  ordinary insurance and payment for jet flyers no be here..
Another one, why buy two Jets and one Helicopter like what is it for? It seems ministers of God in Nigeria are competing against themselves and also against politicians...
No matter how you see it or not,  that act itself is wasteful and demands probing,  is it because its Nigeria, if he was in UK or Europe would he as a minister buy two jets and a Helicopter...
The money to use in running those flying Jets, will be enough to save so many souls...
Let's not allow our emotions to becloud  our reasoning. Jesus had power to be the richest but he was still very simple and fulfilling his goals and obligation,  he never begged,  so why would our already well to do and established Religious leader,  Live extravagant,  and we refuse to talk..
If it was Buhari that bought jets and Helicopter, all of us will take it to twitter, Instagram and everywhere remember both your pastor and my Reverend including Buhari are all Leaders and should set a good example for us the Led.
In conclusion,  all those trying to justify acts of waste remember its about your spiritual growth and not the other way round.
Don't let your senses beclouded with Religion and its Epidemic in 21st African Century,  let's call a Spade, A spade...

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  1. Trash talk. Poorly written article as if it isn't enough. Get your facts right and detailed before you launch into this type if topic. The article is lopsided and highly biased.
    For a blog I'd expect it but you guys should try to be a little more objective

    1. hi thanks for the suggestion, will try to improve, we are looking for volunteers to write for this website, any interest ?