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How Can I Sell (safely) Online?

Sell Online

with all your stuff ... uh, you can attract valuable assets to a flea market, but selling online is so much easier. How do you handle that?

Just throwing it away is a shame, so you better place the product on a second-hand platform so that you can make someone else happy with it and also earn a little extra money. With these golden rules you can sell (old) stuff online quickly, easily and safely!

Golden rules

Do your homework

When you want to offer a product online, you cannot simply suck an amount out of your thumb. So first check how much the product is still worth when you buy it new and especially for what amount it is offered by others on second-hand platforms. It is also always interesting to see how many other people bid on the same product that you want to sell.

Provide specific information

Choose a good descriptive title for the product that you are selling. So don't use 'bicycle' as the title, but make it more concrete.

What kind of bike is it, what color, for what age, etc. "Blue mountain bike from 2015 for children" is so much better than just "Mountain bike". Also be specific in the description of your product. When did you buy the product, what is the condition of the product, which generation of smartphone / tablet /… is it here, etc. Make sure that there are no spelling or punctuation errors in your texts and that it has been carefully checked before you publish it. Indeed, texts full of poor English do not immediately inspire confidence among potential buyers.

The eye wants something too

Hundreds of second-hand products are offered every day so it is necessary to stand out and inspire confidence. An absolute no-go is to use product photos that you have found somewhere on the internet. So you really have to take your own photos.

Take your time for preparation. Make sure you have a nice, tidy location to photograph your product and make sure that the product is in the best condition. So first wipe the greasy fingers off the screen when you sell a tablet. If you still have the original box of the product, put it on the photo too. It immediately inspires confidence when someone has saved the original box of a certain product.

Be safe

Trust your gut feeling. If something seems too good to be true, then it usually is. That is certainly true when you buy things second-hand, but certainly also when you are the seller. If you don't like the idea of ​​receiving the buyer at home, you can always meet at a public location, such as a parking space.

In that case, agree on a specific time period. For example, you can say that you will wait from 3 pm to 3.30 pm and then leave. In this way you avoid waiting for someone who would no longer come by.


Sales channels

Selling is easy and you have your product online, without the prior approval of a moderator . You often communicate with interested parties via e-mail, but nowadays the built-in chat functionality is increasingly used. You can set a fixed price or have people bid, you make the concrete agreements in consultation with the buyer. So you can see that it is not rocket science to offer something online, but it does require care and preparation work.

Facebook Marketplace

It seems as if Facebook literally wants to facilitate every aspect of your life and in many ways that is true. From now on it is also possible to sell second hand on the platform. The advantage is that your offer is first seen by your own friends and acquaintances.

So it is more likely that one of the potential buyers already lives in the area or is somehow your acquaintance. You can always click through to the Facebook profile of interested parties to do a background check, useful for both the seller and the buyer.

 The profile of someone says a lot about the personality, so you know immediately what kind of meat you have in the tub. Selling is easy, you surf to facebook.com/marketplace, click on 'sell something' on the left, enter a title, location and amount, add some photos and your locator is online. It is not possible to bid directly on products via Facebook Marketplace, but via Messenger the buyer and seller can of course set up a conversation.

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