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Gaming With a Wireless Mouse ?

Gaming With a Wireless Mouse

For most PC gamers, the idea of ​​playing with a wireless mouse is just like swearing in the church: you just don't do that! Nevertheless, I have done exactly that with the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum.

Wired or unwired

To start right away with the 'wireless mouse when gaming'. Now you've probably had a wireless mouse yourself or even have one. They are nice and easy, no cable, convenient to carry, available in cheerful colors and still be able to surf the internet.

 A wireless mouse, even that of the Action, often works well with that. But when you really start gaming, you need constant stability and every malfunction between mouse and game can cause you to go off. That sounds dramatic ... unfortunately it sometimes feels that way. Nothing is worse than when your game, mouse or keyboard fails when you are playing games. Now it was often the case that a wireless mouse could not guarantee the stability of a connection. With the Logitech G900 this seems to be a thing of the past,

Fast connection

The Logitech G900 uses a wireless connection that is promised to be accurate in the 1 millisecond. And as far as I can tell, the mouse worked extremely fast both wired and wireless. Of course I was very skeptical at first, because it can never be as fast and accurate as a wired mouse.

 Yet I can honestly say that Logitech has convinced me that this mouse can indeed handle it. The mouse can also be connected and changed very quickly. You get a wireless connector that you plug into a USB port. Then you press a button on the bottom of your mouse, and tada, you are connected. You do not have to reset the mouse by pressing all kinds of different buttons.

Powerful battery

Although the mouse can also be wired, it works very well wirelessly. But what about charging? You can play for 32 hours in a row before you have to charge the mouse again.

By installing a battery assistant gaming program on your laptop / PC you can keep an eye on how long the battery life is. This is an estimated time, but the mouse can also be connected to the cable so that you can continue playing undisturbed. Of course, the battery runtime also depends on the light mode you have set. Yes, the mouse is not only very practical but also has a beautiful and efficient design.


The mouse itself is completely black; I think this is a great color for a mouse. Pink and white is pretty nice, but I do like a cool and sleek design. Yet you can get pink in your mouse through the programmable illuminated RGB logo in the mouse.

If your hand is on the mouse, you will not see it, but if you have just taken a break for your hand then you can look at one of the 16.8 million colors in which the logo can be set. You can even set different effects and patterns with a Logitech G program on your laptop / PC. In addition to aesthetic design, the mouse is also very practical.

Due to the symmetry and the option to move the two side buttons, the mouse is for both left and right handed users. I think this is a big plus, because often left-handed people spend a very long time searching for a good mouse. This way you can also do it together with a mouse, if you still want to share the mouse. The only thing that I might find a little less about the design is that there is no resting point for my little finger, which I am so used to with my other mouse. Nevertheless, in the last few weeks I have put myself over this and am used to the design of this mouse.

Speed ​​of the mouse

The first mouse I ever used didn't represent much; I even think it just came with the PC. You know, a mouse with a ball in it that caught dust and more! So I am very happy with these times, because instead of a ball they nowadays use a sensor. The Logitech G900 uses a PMW3366 optical sensor. You think 'nice' now, but what does that mean? Well that is one of the better gaming mouse sensors at the moment. The range of the mouse is 200-12000 dpi (that means how fast and accurate the mouse is, in short). This is especially important when you have to act quickly with your mouse and you use your keyboard less for example.

 Especially gamers who play shooters benefit from this. For the gamers who like macros there are 11 programmable buttons on the mouse. This is not only useful during gaming but also useful when you want to switch quickly on your PC or when you design on your PC. What is also noticeable in the mouse is the mechanical button of the mouse. You feel the click very clearly and react quickly.


I am very satisfied with the Logitech G900 mouse and I was extremely surprised that a wireless mouse can have such a fast and stable response. Downside is that my little finger had no resting place and that this made the mouse feel large and yet not. The buttons also take some getting used to finding them and are mainly on top. The mouse is wonderfully light and I just like to take it along even though I would like to have a nice protective cover for this. I think the price for a wireless and wired gaming mouse is better than expected, certainly because it is multifunctional for both right and left-handed people.

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